Apex Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol

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  Hello to everyone who happened across this page. Before getting into this product and what it may or may not do, we would like to make it perfectly clear that NSearch Technology Inc. and APeX Global Disease Research Institute make no claims about improving the health or medical condition of...



Hello to everyone who happened across this page. Before getting into this product and what it may or may not do, we would like to make it perfectly clear that NSearch Technology Inc. and APeX Global Disease Research Institute make no claims about improving the health or medical condition of anyone. The information on this web page should not be construed as medical advice nor an attempt to guide anyone away from a qualified medical professional.

We encourage anyone wanting to try this therapy to please give us your feedback so that we may share it with others who may be searching for an alternate solution to this terrible and dreaded disease.

This therapy is not overly expensive and everyone involved with it is not making huge profits as with the doctors and big pharmaceutical companies out there.

The story on how we found this product it truly miraculous. One of owners of Project NSearch was on vacation and happened to over hear someone talking about how they cured themselves of a very serious form of brain cancer. When he heard this, he introduced himself and asked what he did. To make a long story short, the information contained below is what he used. We have no reason to doubt what this person was saying as this person had nothing to gain by sharing this information with him.

APeX Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol



APeX Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol was originally discovered by an intuitive genius, a medical industry outsider, and perfected by his equally talented son. The basis for their amazing breakthrough is the valid hypothesis that the lack of oxygen, or hypoxia, is the key driver for the start and spread of many health issues, including cancer.

Essentially, the scientists figured out how to encapsulate a smaller than nano-sized silver nucleus within a cluster of oxygen molecules. APeX is made by attaching large numbers of oxygen molecules —clusters— to each silver particle, forming what might be best referred to as a Silver-Oxygen Nano-Cluster.

The inevitable attraction between the APeX nano-clusters and the pathogens allow the nano-clusters to enter into the larger molecular structure of the pathogens. Pathogenic cells become oxidized, and cease to be viable. They disintegrate instantly when they come into contact with APeX. When this happens, the architecture of the pathogen collapses. It is as if a bomb has gone off inside the cell. Destruction of hypoxic pathogens (including cancer cells) is precise, inexorable, and unavoidable.

APeX oxygen based research was recently validated when German drug giant Merck  announced to the world that they would soon introduce a similar oxygen based (anti-hypoxia) drug.  Below is the home page of Merck's website announcing introduction of this new APeX-like drug.


However, after ten years and $100 million, Merck was forced to admit defeat and abandon their efforts after their drug failed Phase 3 Clinical Trials. ​"While we believe there is overwhelming data to support the role of oxygen in effective and safe cancer treatment, we have been deeply frustrated in our inability to reduce hypoxia at the cellular level in a meaningful way. "Why was Merck willing to dump $100 Million and ten years of research into this project? Simple. Obscene profits.

An anti-hypoxia drug as effective as APeX against just these two types of cancer, Advanced Pancreatic Cancer and Advanced Soft Tissue Sarcoma, would be hugely profitable.​ Analysts said they had estimated annual peak sales of $468 million for the drug’s use in soft tissue sarcoma and $936 million in pancreatic cancer.

This is what Big Pharma would charge if we allow them to gain control of APeX Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol. Keeping APeX out of the hands of companies like Merck.

Most Oxygen "CURES" Promote Cancer Growth!

​"The original notion that Oxygen might selectively destroy cancer cells goes back to the 1930s when Nobel Laureate Otto Warburg, M.D., discovered that, since  cancer cells are adapted to survive and grow in low-Oxygen (Hypoxic) environments, they would die off if exposed to higher levels of Oxygen.

While that may sound plausible, we now know that Dr. Warburg was not entirely correct. Free Oxygen in the blood doesn’t slow cancer growth. In fact, tumors often grow more rapidly in tissues well supplied with oxygenated blood.

Despite these facts, you can readily find false claims online and elsewhere that Oxygen "therapy" using ozone, hydrogen peroxide, or pressure chambers can effectively treat cancer (as well as AIDS, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease). According to the American Cancer Society, there is no credible evidence supporting any of these claims. 

Nevertheless, these unproven therapies are in use at clinics in Mexico, across America, and in Europe. Hydrogen peroxide treatment involves diluting this substance and administering it orally, rectally, vaginally, or intravenously. This is particularly dangerous since large amounts can cause an arterial gas embolism, a condition that can lead to permanent lung damage and, sometimes, death.

APeX Focused Oxygen Infusion Paradox

Based on early investigation of the demonstrated increase of anti-pathogenic activity of APeX Focused Oxygen Infusion Nano-Cluster, the slight negative charge at the APeX Oxygen Nano-Cluster molecular boundary, which is comprised of active Oxygen molecules, allows these Oxygen Nano-Clusters to be potentiated by and then drawn directly into pathogens and/or pathogen infected cells.

This occurs because the binding electrons of the active Oxygen atoms are more attracted to the pathogenic molecular electronic imbalance than they are to the positive atomic nucleus they surround, which acts as their dolly. "Almost instantly the Oxygen phobic cancer or pathogen cell becomes super oxidized, causing that architecture to instantly collapse - as if a bomb has gone off."

Live Blood Cells Before & After Using Apex Water

NOTE: This video is captured in extreme slow motion, because the destruction of the pathogenic cell happens so quickly, it is impossible to capture at normal video speed. At the 30-second mark you can see where we set the microscope to start viewing. You can see that the live blood cells are looking sluggish and stuck together, also known as Reuleaux. At the 45 second mark, we added the one drop of APeX Water. You can see that some cells are so unhealthy that they are sticking as the APeX Water is added, but at the 1:17 mark you will see that the APeX Water has caused the unhealthy cells to cease to be viable. At the 2:54 mark you can see that the white blood cells are also disintegrating from whatever pathogens they were carrying inside. We continued to move the slide to see what APeX Water had done for the blood, and at the 5:32 mark you can see that the blood is still moving freely.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much Apex should I drink daily?

First, Apex comes in a concentrate. It is recommended to mix one 4 oz. bottle of Apex with one gallon of either spring water or purified water (not distilled water). Remove 4 ounces of the spring water or purified water from the gallon and pour entire contents of Apex into the water. It is recommended to drink 4 ounces of apex-premixed water in the morning at least 30 minutes before food and 4 ounces in the afternoon at least 30 minutes before food. NOTE! For more serious circumstances, it is also ok to drink one table spoon of Apex Water direct from the bottle (full strength) two times throughout the day at least 30 minutes away from food in addition to the recommended dosage mentioned above.

Are there any side effects by drinking Apex water?

There are no known side effects

If Apex Water is so good, why are there not any testimonials on your website?

We can assure you that we do have many incredible testimonials going back over 10 years however due to the advice from our attorney, we can not post them at this time. Please understand that we are dealing with an evil multi-billion dollar industry that does not want to cure anything, they just want to prescribe and treat. That's where they make their billions every year. By posting testimonials at this time, we are advised that we are opening ourselves up to friction by big pharma and government agencies. We are being told there may a solution around this which should be available within the next few weeks.

Can I chill or add ice cubes to Apex water?

Is is not recommended to chill or add ice cubes. For best results, store and drink Apex water at room temperature.

Can I use Apex Water directly on my skin?

Yes. Apex Water concentrate (non-diluted) can be used directly on cuts, burns, scrapes, rashes, skin irritations and for wound recovery.

Is Apex Water the same as colloidal silver?

No. Apex Water is a nano-sized particle of silver, surrounded by active oxygen molecules. A Covalent Bond holds active oxygen molecules to the silver nucleus.

Can I give Apex to my dog or cat?

Yes. Just pour one table spoon of Apex Water (non-diluted) directly into the bowl of your pet's drinking water daily.

What is the shelf life of Apex?

19 years


​DISCLAIMER: NSearch Technology Inc. and APeX Global Disease Research Institute makes no claims about improving the health or medical condition of anyone. These unsolicited reports are presented here exactly as they were received from APeX ICAM Study Volunteers and should not be construed as medical advice nor an attempt to guide anyone away from a qualified medical professional. 

The FDA has not approved APeX Direct Oxygen Infusion Protocol to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.